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What we've been doing ...


Mar 2017. Goodbye Kestrel after 20 years with the Cairneyhill Beavers. We will miss you.


May 2016. The oldest Beavers plant up the flower tubs as part of Cairneyhill in Bloom. Beavers take a week each over the summer months  June - October to water and maintain the tubs.


The Beavers had a visit to Asda in April 2015 - they got to visit the bakery, the cold store, the freezer, the yard, the pizza counter, the fish counter, security and had a go on the checkouts - they also found out about vegetables! The Beavers were then given some juice, crisps, doughnut and fruit -  A very informative and fun evening!


Hamish one of the 83rd Skills Instructors had built a race track for an activity he ran at the 2014 Blair Atholl Jamborette. The Beavers had great fun racing the cars on the track. During the evening the Beavers also made lego cars and designed their own track. 


Falcon (Laura Buchanan) leaves the 83rd Scout Group after being with the Beaver Colony for 16 years so on her last night we were up at Hilton Woods where we presented her with a clock to say thanks and to remind her of her time with the 83rd Fife (Cairneyhill) Beaver Colony


For the first time ever the colony tackled the Emergency Aid (Stage 1) badge over three weeks this term and on week three the Beavers got to make their own injuries!


Beavers had fun doing lots of Christmas crafts including hama bead decorations, Christmas tree cards and these Christmas snowman cakes. 


Beaver Leader Kite was in Ghana wth Guiders over the summer 2013. Beavers had raised money to buy stationery for a school she would be visiting. In September 2013 Kite provided a Beaver programme based on her visit. Beavers got to find out where Ghana is, learn a bit about life in Ghana, hear about/see photos of the school she visited, got to make a Ghana flag, chose a design for a Chief's chair and to play some instruments from Ghana. A fun and informative evening.


The District Camp in June 2013 saw the Beavers have craft, bouncy castle, low ropes, playpark and many other activities to enjoy. Best part was being with the other sections for meal times, being shown around their campsite and playing games with the other sections.


In March our friends from the 116th Carnock Beavers joined us for an evening about Japan from Japanese Scout Leader Sagi. Sagi told us about life in Japan, showed the Beavers how to write their name in Japanese and the Beavers had the opportunity to try on some Japanese clothing. The Beavers were also presented with a Japanese scout badge at the end of the evening.


Rally driver Graeme Mack brought along his rally car to show to the Beavers at our December 2012 sleepover. Graeme showed the Beavers all the safety equipment that is in the car and the special fire safetly suits/boots and helmet that have to be worn. The car was loud and Graeme challenged the Beavers to shout louder! The car won but only just! Beavers also made their own rally cars and track.


Last night of the autumn term saw one of our Young Explorer Leaders making two musical instruments with the Beavers. The beavers decorated and constructed their instruments. The Beavers then used their instuments to accompany some campfire songs.


In September 2012 one of our Young Explorer Leaders did an evening on cricket. He explained the game to the Beavers and showed them the equipment and kit he has to play with his team. The Beavers then got a chance to practice some bowling and defensive batting as well as trying on the protective kit. we had hoped to be outdoors but the field was waterlogged but we hope to go out in the spring time.


During the holidays a few of the colony got the opportunity to visit the Pets at Home store in Kirkcaldy. The Beavers got to see and handle some of the animals. The Beavers were told how the animals have to be cared for and had the chance to ask lots of questions. At the end of the evening they were presented with certificates and for those who have pets of their own were encouraged to complete the handbook given out to gain their Animal Friend activity badge.


The Olympic torch passed through Cairneyhill on Wed 13 June and the group held it's own Olympic Fun night along with the local Guides. The participants got the chance to run alongside our acting GSL who had carried the flame in Falkirk earlier in the day. See further photos in the photo album under the Beaver section.


The weather turned fine just in time for the District Beaver Fun Day at Fordell where the Beavers had loads of bases to try....and some got to meet Chief Scout Bear Grylls


Scout Community Week. All the sections are cleaning up parts of the village this week. The Beavers lifted litter from around the hall and play park as well as weeding the area at the front of the hall.


Joint night with the 62nd Crossford colony to complete 50% of the Beaver Scottish Challenge badge requirements. The Beavers had a Scottish sports quiz, made paper kilts and tried some sword dancing, tried gird and cleats, elastics and chalks, tasted some Scottish produce and learnt 'Three Craws'..all in 90 minutes! It was fun!


Challenge Night. The Beavers had seven challenges and to get the Beaver Puzzle badges they had to complete at least three of the tasks. Balancing on a block for 30 seconds, walking blindfold in a straight line between two points, dropping a pea from approx one metre into a jam jar, getting a puck on target between two lines, building a tower of at least ten wooden bricks, bouncing a ping pong ball into a bucket with just one bounce and  getting a selection of items into a box in a set time. Sounds easy.....but!


Last night of term the Beavers went up to Hilton woods. It was a beautiful evening. The Beavers toasted marshmallows over a fire made by our Young Leaders. The Beavers also played a number of games of hide and seek. 


On the 20 March four new Beavers made their promise as did our new Young Leader.


One of our Explorer Scouts who is also a member of the District Underwater section came along to tell us about the diving trip he was on in the Red Sea in Oct 2011. The Beavers got the opportunity to see photos from the trip , ask questions and  to try on some diving equipment.


Fourteen of the colony took part in the Founder's Day Parade and church service. We walked up the Main Street along with the Scouts, Guides and Brownies. We attended a special Founder's Day/Thinking Day service in Cairneyhill Parish church.


In February as part of the Beaver Faith Activity badge we visited Cairneyhill Parish Church. The minister Mr Grant explained the various parts of the church and the Beavers got the chance to try out the pews, stand in the pulpit and to see a communion cup and the font close up.


In January one of the Beaver parent's Gus came along to tell the Beavers about his career as a captain of cruise ships. Gus had brought along a fantastic range of photographs and video clips to show the Beavers and the Beavers had a chance to ask loads of questions at the end of the night. Whilst Gus spoke to each lodge in turn the others had the chance to race some boats of their own and to complete a challenging boat related word search.