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Gift Aid

It is not often in this day and age that you get something for nothing!

However, changes to tax legislation in April 2000 allow the Scout Group to reclaim some of the tax you pay to the Inland Revenue. All that is required is that, if you are a taxpayer, you fill out a form, which simply asks for your name, address and signature.

How does this work?

Early last year the Scout Group attained charitable status. As a result of this, any funds which you donate to the Group (e.g. term subscriptions), are deemed to have been paid NET of tax. The Group is then able to reclaim the tax attributable to the donation - simple!

To put this into perspective, if all parents had completed a form for us to claim Gift Aid on their subscriptions to the Group we would have been able to reclaim £1,500 from the Inland Revenue.

We do not have access to any of your personal tax details, etc. The only stipulation to joining the scheme is that you are a taxpayer. We only require one completed form per household.

Forms were issued to all parents in the past year and the response has been excellent. However, if you have not completed and returned a form then please contact me or any member of the Group Executive Committee. It is the easiest fund-raising event ever!!