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Group Executive

The Group Executive Committee Members

Chairperson :
Secretary :
Treasurer : Jane Scriven

Structure, Governance and Management

The Group is an unincorporated recognised Scottish charity and is governed by the terms detailed in its constitution. It is a member of The Scout Association having accepted the aims of the Association. The Group Council is the electoral body which supports Scouting in the Scout Group. It is the body to which the Group Executive Committee is accountable. The Group Council must hold an Annual General Meeting within eight months of the financial year end to adopt the Annual Report of the Group Executive Committee, including the Annual Statement of Accounts. The Group Council must approve the Group Scout Leader's nomination of the Group Chairman and nominated members of the Group Executive Committee, elect a Group Secretary and a Group Treasurer and elect certain members of the Group Executive Committee. The Group Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of his appointment. The Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Group's property and equipment, the raising of funds and the administration of the Group's finance, the insurance of persons, property and equipment, group public occasions and assisting with the recruitment of leaders and other adult support.

Recruitment and Appointment of Trustees

New trustees are recruited as and when required from existing and new contacts. Any newly appointed trustees are advised of the objectives and activities of the Group, and are to act in accordance with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of the Scout Association and the Charities & Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 in force at the date of appointment. Assistance and training is provided to new trustees by the existing trustees and all new Office Bearers are trained and validated in Module 1 of The Scout Association's National Adult Training Scheme by Dunfermline District Scout Council.


The Group is dependent upon receiving sufficient funding and donations to enable it to continue to work towards achieving its objectives.

Objectives and Activities

The aim of the Group is to promote the aims of The Scout Association which are to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.


In addition to eleven uniformed Leaders, approximately twenty five parents of young people attending the Scout Group helped with various activities to raise funds or just to help out. It is difficult to put a monetary value on this input, but the results of our volunteer help can easily be appreciated.

Achievements and Performance

It has been another successful year for the Scout Group with all of our members progressing through the Award Scheme, gaining their Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Chief Scout's Awards as well as numerous Activity Badges. Each Section has had its highlights and these are detailed later in this Annual Report. The Group provides a programme of activities including progression through the various Scouting awards for young people. We provide activities for those aged 6-25 in the West Fife Villages area, based in Cairneyhill, with a current membership of 125.We are particularly pleased that the Group's Network Section for 18-25 year olds has taken off and currently has 22 members. The Scout Method provides an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training, based on the Scout Promise and Law which Is guided by adult leadership, in practice this is best seen when young people, in partnership with adults are:
  • Enjoying what they are doing
  • Learning by doing
  • Participating in varied and progressive activities
  • Making choices for themselves
  • Taking responsibilities for their own actions
  • Working in groups
  • Taking responsibility for others
  • Taking part in outdoor activities Sharing in prayer and worship
  • Making and living out their Promise

Our Group contributes to the Scottish Government's Curriculum for Excellence Programme by creating confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens. Our members work on the following learning areas which fit directly into the aims of the Fife Community Plan of making Fife's communities safer and creating a better educated Fife; Working with others; Self -awareness; Communication skills; Intercultural and global awareness; Problem solving; Review and evaluation; Health and Safety; Citizenship; Project theme skills and Number and Information Technology.

The Group also contributes to Fife Council's Big 8 Priorities by offering improved sport, leisure and cultural opportunities to young people in the West Fife Villages.

The Scout Group in Cairneyhill provides a community facility for the village that is regularly used by the After-School Club; the Playgroup; the Brownies; the Youth Club; Karate and Dance Groups; Football Teams and for one-off lets. It is also used as a Polling Station for all elections. We also provide two 17-seater minibuses that are regularly used by a variety of local groups from playgroups to groups of those who are retired. Scouting in Cairneyhill is most definitely a part of the community, not apart from the community, and will continue to support others in the future.

This summer two of our Explorers (Jamie Dallman and Lachlan Peters) will represent Scotland at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden. We wish them all the best for their experience of a lifetime and look forward to hearing of their adventures.