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History of the Hall's Development

Lottery Grant

Cairneyhill Scout Group was successful in their application for a lottery grant in August 1997 and was awarded £170,000. The application had been successful with the backing of Fife Council through local councillor Alan Kenney. The problems in finding a suitable site for the hall (see below) has meant that we have had to go back to the National Lottery Charities Board on three occasions to apply for an extension to the grant. The board has been very supportive but has stated that the current extension until 31st July is final In order for the grant to be used for the building the Group must have legal tenure of the site. This can be in the form of either a lease (for a minimum of 21 years) or outright ownership. In addition, we must also have obtained planning permission from the council for the proposed building. We must achieve both of these objectives by 31st July 1999.

Sites - History

Gala field Site (Pitdinnie Road end)

This was the site that had been offered by Fife Council when we made our Lottery Grant application. On 12th Mar 1998 a meeting was held at Fife Council with the Planning Department, East of Scotland Water Authority, CRGP(Scout Group’s architects) and the Scout Group. It was agreed by all that the proposed site was not suitable due to the flooding issue. An alternative site was proposed but Fife Council also deemed this unsuitable in a letter to the Group dated 27th Mar 1998.

South Acre

Discounted after lengthy investigations into ground ownership. Ownership of site was written in to all house owners’ deeds.

Wemyss Estate

Site offered beyond west roundabout and outwith village limits. Discounted because of unsafe access. Not within easy reach of most villagers. top of page

Bowen's Workshop

Proposal to redevelop existing building rejected due to cost of building purchase.

Pitconnochie Farm

Proposal to gift land by Mr Alfred Stewart at east end of village to north side of Main Street. Development frustrated by:
  • Proximity to BP Ethylene pipeline
  • Drainage connections both practical and financial
  • Land profile - large cut and fill exercise necessary
  • Site access both pedestrian and vehicular
  • Highways requirement to alter street lighting and increase sight lines
  • Site is outwith Local Plan for development

Pitdinnie Farm

Proposal to gift 1.35 acre plot to the North of Drummormie Road by Robert Forrester of Pitdinnie Farm. Development frustrated by:
  • Site is outwith Local Plan for development

Gala field Site (Northbank Road End)

As a suitable site began to look very difficult to uncover the Council revisited the gala field and it was decided, following discussion with many groups, that a building could be erected at the hammerhead adjacent to the school.
The building will, at most, take up about 3-4% of the entire Gala field, which, in terms of affecting the flooding capacity of the field, is insignificant. The car park for the building will not be raised and will be expected to flood during periods of heavy rainfall.
Construction of the hall commenced in February 2000.